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You can trust Sharemoney. We've partnered with the largest banks in the United States and the Philippines to ensure your money is transferred quickly and securely.

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  • Philippines Bank Partners BDO Metrobank Landbank M Lhuillier Financial Services Bank of the Philippine Islands


If you send $200 per week to your loved ones, they get 4,063 PHP more every year. Send more for less with Sharemoney.

*Based on Sharemoney vs. Xoom USD to PHP exchange rates. Last Updated: Under 1 hour ago


*Based on Sharemoney vs. Xoom USD to PHP exchange rates. Last Updated: Under 1 hour ago

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Our customer support representatives are here for you. Call (866) 819-0119 to speak to our friendly representatives.

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Sharemoney is federally and state regulated, and uses Extended Validation SSL security to protect your financial information.

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The Best way to send money to the Philippines

Transfers Straight From Your Computer To the Philippines

Transfer Money Online from USA to the Philippines

Transfer money online to your loved ones in the Philippines with Sharemoney. We strive to simplify remittances for you by providing you with the best currency exchange rates and lowest transfer fees. We offer a variety of convenient payment methods for you to initiate your money transfer. Your beneficiary can receive the funds at one of our many cash pickup locations, delivered to their home address or deposited straight into their bank account - making Sharemoney the most convenient remittance service online. We never charge your recipient any fees. Sharemoney works with some of the best banks in the Philippines, ensuring that your money is transferred through the most reliable and secure channels.

Sending money internationally is often a challenge for many people, but Sharemoney gives U.S.-based customers easy access to many countries across the globe. Send money to the Philippines or many other countries through our services. We can help you determine the best payment method for money transfers and make the payment process quick and easy, with complete tracking abilities. You'll no longer need to worry about spending more than you have to on international money transfers, and you'll have a full picture of how your transfers are sent and received, with fully transparency.

Receiving Methods for Banks in the Philippines

There are several banks that are ideal for sending money to the Philippines. Share money is one of the best platforms for transferring money, with multiple options available for sending money and ensuring it reaches its destination. With over 5,000 locations in the Philippines, recipients can retrieve funds in cash, get direct deposits to their bank accounts, or have it delivered to their front door.

Some banks and payout agents that Sharemoney can work with in the Philippines include:

We also work with other banks. Simply ask us about which payers you would prefer to use to transfer money.

The Best Way to Send Money to the Philippines Online

Enjoy customer support ready to help you with any questions you have about sending money to the Philippines. You can use Sharemoney to transfer funds to the Philippines on any device with a connection to the internet. Enjoy the convenience of sending money to your loved ones anytime and anywhere! We've transferred over $10 billion to happy customers worldwide and we look forward to getting your money to the Philippines safely. You'll be able to track your money in real time with our Money Tracker, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee, so you can have your peace of mind. Sending money to the Philippines has never been this easy!

Delivery Methods for Sending Money to the Philippines

Sharemoney offers a wide variety of delivery methods for your convenience, making sure your recipients receive money in the most efficient ways possible. Depending on your needs, we offer bank deposits, cash pick-up, and courier delivery.

For cash pick-up, there are over 41,000 pickup locations around the world available for money transfers, so recipients don't need to travel far to retrieve their cash. If people prefer direct bank deposits, we can easily transfer funds directly to their accounts in as little as 15 minutes. For people who want courier delivery, we offer this service in some countries in addition to the other transfer methods. Regardless of physical location, we can help you determine the best method to use to transfer money to the Philippines at any time.

Know the Fees Before You Send Money Online to the Philippines

Along with other countries, we allow you to see the complete transfer fee you'll have to pay if you want to send money to the Philippines. At Sharemoney, we want to make sure nothing is hidden from customers throughout transactions, and that includes fees based on delivery and payment methods. Prior to transferring money, you can see exactly how much you'll need to pay.

Sharemoney allows you to send money to the Philippines online from the United States. Send your Philippines remittances via Cash Pickup, Home Delivery or Bank Deposit at the best exchange rates and lowest fees. Trust Sharemoney to securely transfer money to the Philippines with our risk free guarantee. Sign up today to see how easy it is to send money to the Philippines online.